Meet Jennifer

Welcome! My name is Jennifer Love Tang, and I am running to serve you on the Monterey Park City Council, District 2.  


I am a proud graduate of Mark Keppel High School and the University of Southern California. My father was a small business owner and my mother was a data entry clerk. As the daughter of war refugees, I learned early on how lucky I was to grow up in our safe and diverse community.


I have been an educator for over 10 years, in developing countries across the world and underserved communities right here in Southern California. I learned that in order to be an effective advocate, I had to fight for equity and justice outside of the classroom. I have led trainings for educators across California, designed educational software, and mentored hundreds of high school and college students in their career development. Recently I served as a Policy Fellow in Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office, where I developed solutions for homelessness and school safety. Currently, I teach 9th grade English and AP English Literature in Huntington Park. 


In my volunteer work, I am co-founder of the grassroots organization 626 Progressives, VP of Programs for the Monterey Park Democratic Club, and an advisor for Vote at 16 - SGV. 


Running for office was never in my plans. But local politics needs more of us -- the students, the teachers, the nurses, the stay-at-home parents, the working and the middle class. So that’s why I’m running for office - to elevate our voices and make our government serve us. 


I am running to bring change, innovation, and integrity to City Hall. This is about making sure our interests are prioritized over those who don’t have a real stake in our community. This is about igniting our power, as the everyday residents who drive on our streets, walk dogs on our sidewalks, and eat in our local restaurants. This campaign is about bringing our city into the future.

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Feb. 22 through March 3!

Teacher. Community Organizer. Problem-Solver.


The Issues

Everyday residents of Monterey Park want three things: a safe community, dependable city services, and preservation of our quality of life.


I am committed to representing the will of the people. Our policy priorities were developed after knocking on thousands of doors in District 2, and thus, may evolve as we talk to more residents. Don’t wait for us to knock on your door though! Share your experiences and ideas by emailing 


  • Safer Community

    • Ensure our police and fire departments have the resources to maintain top quality service for residents

    • Promote culturally-responsive engagement between first responders and our diverse population, including Asian-language outreach and youth engagement

  • Access to Vital Local Services

    • Develop proposals for streamlining public works services, especially road and infrastructure maintenance

    • Institute regular town hall meetings and robust virtual communication to ensure residents’ concerns are heard

  • Strengthen Our Quality of Life

    • Market our city as the vibrant cultural hub it is to attract more businesses so residents can spend their money within our city, while maintaining the small town character we all love about Monterey Park

    • Develop comprehensive plans to address current quality of life issues, including low-flying airplanes and the coyote population

Vote for Jennifer Love Tang Feb. 22 - March 3 


Organizations & Unions

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party

  • Monterey Park Police Officers Association

  • Alhambra Teachers Association

  • California School Employees Association

  • Monterey Park Democratic Club

  • Alhambra Democratic Club

  • United Democrats of the San Gabriel Valley

  • SEIU 721

  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

  • Painters and Allied Trades DC 36

  • APALA-LA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance AFL-CIO)

  • Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

  • National Women's Politics Caucus - SGV

  • California Young Democrats Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

  • Los Angeles County Young Democrats

  • Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley

  • Run for Something

  • Progressive Asian Network for Action

  • Montebello Youth Leadership Club

Appointed & Elected Leaders

  • Mike Eng, Fmr. Assemblymember & Mayor of Monterey Park

  • Francisco Alonso,  Fmr. Mayor of Monterey Park

  • Thomas Wong, SGV Municipal Water Board President

  • Salvador Melendez, Mayor of Montebello

  • Brent Tercero, Pico Rivera Councilmember

  • Kathy Ko, Monterey Park Environmental Commissioner

  • Barbara Ngai, Monterey Park Community Participation Commissioner

  • Karl Wong, Monterey Park Environmental Commissioner 

  • Sam Cheung, Monterey Park Environmental Commissioner 

  • Sasha Renee Perez, California Democratic Party Delegate, 49th Assembly District

  • Stanley Lin, President of Planet Save

*Titles for identification purposes only

"We support Jennifer because she represents the working class of Monterey Park. Jennifer knows we must prioritize public safety and will support police officers in our everyday needs."

- Troy Grant, MPPOA President

Vote for Jennifer Love Tang Feb. 22 - March 3


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